gTechnics SH-8030 Main Demonstration 0393 -

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Technics SH-8030 Space Dimension Controller

Technics SH-8030 Main Demonstration 0393

Here I demonstrate the functionality of the Equalizer and Dimension Features of the Technics SH-8030. In the video I start with both Equalizer and Dimension out. Then I press the Equalizer Button to engage the Equalizer and you can then hear a greater Treble response. Then I Press the Dimension button and the read-out on the dial changes from the Peak Level dB to the Holographic Dimension Screen Read-Out. Then I switch back and forth to Demo what you will be able to achieve with this quality Technics piece. I liked to run the unit at 3 to 4 on the Dimension control to give my system more space but not too much for my room characteristics. Your system and room will vary and I’m sure you will have fun experimenting.