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Enfamil (Brand)Similac (Brand)Infant Formula (Food)

Enfamil vs Similac Price

Enfamil vs Similac price can really vary depending on where you buy the formula.

Enfamil is often recommended by pediatricians because it was the first formula to include ARA and DHA ingredients.

ARA and DHA are omega 3 fatty acids that help your baby’s brain and eyes develop.

Similac has this added to their formula now as well, however Enfamil has more.

When looking on the internet Enfamil vs Similac price changes from site to site.

Enfamil’s formulas are sometimes cheaper, ranging from 90 cents up to $1.50 per ounce depending upon the type, whereas Similac varieties are mostly $1.00 per ounce up to $1.70.

In stores, the Enfamil vs Similac price can vary. Costco price Enfamil at $0.92 an ounce whereas Similac is $0.94.

These amounts may seem minimal, but considering how much formula a baby drinks, the costs can really add up.

Most baby health sites claim that Enfamil vs Similac price is cheaper on average, however they are probably basing this on taking an average over a few stores.

Not only can prices vary significantly, but costs can also depend on the type of formula.

Nowadays there is everything from lactose free, to soy and sensitive formulas.

Two equivalent soy formulas may have one brand cheaper than the other but then if you look at another type such as lactose free, you may find the brands swap places in price.

It is also worth taking into account that some babies are fussy and will take to one formula much better than another, in which case the cost is irrelevant if they can’t digest it or won’t feed in the first place.

In order to get the best value for your formula, it is best to look at the specific type of formulas (sensitive, gentle, soy, etc.) and then compare the equivalents of the two brands, after checking that your baby will take both.

Checking reviews on online stores is useful as other reviewers will often say if they have found the formula cheaper elsewhere.

This extra work could save you hundreds of dollars.