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Dodany: 2017-08-09 18:53:24

Autor: John Campea

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Best Movies That Never Got Made - The John Campea Podcast

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On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Wednesday August 9th 2017) John takes the following viewer emails:

7:07 William Ceyrolles - Hi John! Can't say I have been following you since the AMC days but been a huge fan for the past 6 months or so. My question is: With your knowledge of all the movie projects that are started in some fashion but for one reason or another never made, what one movie would you "rescue" and be brought back into production?

18:08 Jay Pinkston - Hey John, loving the new podcast and your honest perspective on all things movies! Kevin Feige said Civil War will end the Captain America trilogy and it really seems that Marvel's Non-Avengers franchises end after three films. Which of the three big hitters do you think deserves a fourth film, Iron Man, Captain America or Thor?

21:07 Michael Williams - My question is: do you think that Flashpoint was originally planned as the second Flash film? The solo Flash film was originally planned to release early next year and it looks like Flashpoint will not roll around until 2020 or 2021. I also think that with criticisms to the DCEU, it would be too easy for WB to use Flashpoint to possibly fix what fans and critics view as problems with the cinematic universe.

26:43 Bryan Kruse - I enjoyed the Hobbit films, but lets be honest it's a very divisive trilogy. Would the films have been better received if they went the LOTR route and used a lot more practical effect and costumes? One of my favorite things about LOTR is most of the orks were just people in costumes and make-up, while in the Hobbit they used almost all CGI. They just didn't feel like orks.

29:34 Outlaw Noah - Hey John, big fan since early AMC days and new Patreon supporter! Anyway, my question is about the Oscar chances for Detroit. I feel like Kathryn Bigalow should be in the running for a Best Director nod and I also believe that Will Poulter should be up for a best supporting actor nod as well, but with the poor box office performance and early release date do you think Detroit has any chance of getting any nominations?

33:20 Sunny-Bros Films - Hey John, I surprisingly haven't followed you since your Man of Steel review but I absolutely love the channel. You've made it clear that Man of Steel to you is a masterpiece and a great film. I love it as well but not quite as much as you. My question is: what are your favorite aspects of Man of Steel that make you love it so much?