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Dodany: 2017-08-06 21:48:16

Autor: John Campea

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Can Justice League Or Thor Hit A Billion Dollar Box Office?

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On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Recorded Sunday August 6th 2017) John takes the following viewer emails:

Brett McGhee - Hi John, love the show! I thought you made a great point during your emoji movie review about confusing pandering with association. After seeing the Ready Player One trailer, do you think this will be a slight problem with this movie, even though it's being done by the master himself? I am extremely excited for this movie. Thanks, the podcasts are awesome!

Joonas - Hey John! Do you think that in the next few decades , the popularity of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc. will slowly kill off the movie theater industry like the internet music services killed music stores?

Neal Caffrey - I'm pretty confident that Thor and Justice League will hit a billion dollars worldwide while episode 8 might reach 2 billions (again). With the release of Infinity War next year and the massive hype around this movie I think this could be the first Marvel movie to hit 2 billions worldwide. What are your thoughts about these speculations?

FoxHound - In Thursday’s podcast you talked about Marvel’s villains being purposely used in a way to suit the heroes story and that’s why they often come off weak. That is my biggest concern for Thanos in Infinity War. Thanos can't be a throw away villain for this movie to live up to the hype. Too many people are expecting big bad I think near Darth Vader villainy from Thanos and this movie. Does this concern you the way it concerns me?

Levi Reece - Just wondered about your opinion on War for the Planet of the Apes box office at moment ? I saw it opening night and got to say is in my top 3 movies of the year . As I write Mojo has it at $234 million . At this rate I would be surprised at an overall $400 -450 million worldwide take which for a movie this good and a great trilogy is a shame considering the car crash Transformers 5 is approaching $600 .

Paul Bloom - I have a question according to the Jack Reacher franchise. While the first one is one of my favorite movies, the second was very disappointing. Do you believe there is any chance for another movie in this franchise, even with an another actor in the title role?